Rickshaw Rental Service

1. Rental time per day: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (8 hours per day)

*Rental charges for 1 day based on 8 hours of use from 10 am to 6 pm. When renting a rickshaw, it is a rule to arrive before the usage time.

2. Rickshaw rental fee (including rickshaw rental + transportation fee)

*Please read carefully. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will send you a detailed quote.

<Rrickshaw rental>

-Weekdays: ₩300,000/unit + ₩100,000/day per rickshaw worker

-Weekends (Saturday, Sunday, Holidays): ₩500,000/unit + ₩100,000/day per rickshaw worker

*If you do not need a rickshaw worker, the daily rate for the rickshaw worker is not included. We will only assist you in loading and unloading rickshaws and moving around.

-If a person rides, we will send a rickshaw driver. Two people per rickshaw are required for continuous operation including lunch time. For a one-day event when renting 2 cars, 4 rickshaws are required. Work breaks and meal shifts. We do not charge for meals.

Formula 1) When renting and operating 1 rickshaw, 2 days on weekdays: Rental fee ₩600,000 + Daily rickshaw driver ₩400,000 (2 persons, 2 days) + Accommodation fee ₩50,000 = ₩1,050,000 (excluding transportation fee)

Formula 2) When renting and operating 1 rickshaw, 2 days on weekends: Rental fee ₩1,000,000 + Daily rickshaw driver ₩400,000 (2 persons, 2 days) + Accommodation fee ₩50,000 = ₩1,450,000 (excluding transportation fee)

Formula 3) When renting and operating 2 rickshaws, 2 days on weekdays: Rental fee ₩1,200,000 + Daily rickshaw driver ₩800,000 (4 persons, 2 days) + Accommodation fee ₩100,000 = ₩2,100,000 (excluding transportation fee)

Formula 4) When renting and operating 2 rickshaws, 2 days on weekends: Rental fee ₩2,000,000 + Daily rickshaw driver ₩800,000 (4 persons, 2 days) + Accommodation fee ₩100,000 = ₩2,900,000 (excluding transportation fee)

-In the case of rental of one rickshaw, if two rickshaws are serving the service, it can be operated without breaks (even during lunch hours). In the case of running without additional people, 10 minutes of operation and then 10 minutes of rest are in principle. To do it. It does not run during lunch time (1 hour). If the time is exceeded, rickshaws are ₩100,000 per hour and rickshaws are ₩15,000. This is only possible until 10pm.

Late-night events are not held for safety reasons.

3. Transportation cost of rickshaw (exclusive truck)

-*Transportation will be carried out by a truck exclusively for the'Arirang Manpower rickshaw'.

The rickshaw-only truck is a truck separately manufactured by'Arirang Manpower’ and is equipped with a lift. Since rickshaws weigh only 150kg, they cannot be loaded without a lift.

<Traveling cost of the rickshaw>

-Round trip (less than 50km): ₩200,000 (applies to Jeonju, Gimje, Gunsan downtown, and Seocheon area)

-Round trip (less than 100km): ₩300,000 (Gongju, Sejong Special Self-Governing City, Jeongeup,

-Round trip (over 100km ~ less than 250km): ₩400,000 (Daejeon, Cheonan, Gwangju, Daejeon, Namwon,

-Round trip (over 250km ~ less than 400km): ₩500,000 (Mokpo, Suncheon, Yeosu, Andong)

-Round trip (400km ~ less than 500km): ₩600,000 (Seoul, Incheon, Chuncheon, Jecheon, Wonju, Goyang)

-Areas exceeding 500km: ₩700,000 (Busan, Pohang, Gyeongju, Gangneung, Yangpyeong)

(You can easily find it by looking at the distance from the'Arirang rickshaw' to the destination in Tmap. It is based on the'best way')

(Example) In the case of Busan, it is 294km from Gunsan to Busan Station, and it takes 3 hours and 30 minutes (based on T-map). One-day rental is possible.

*The distance is calculated based on the'T-map Best Way Guide')

Starting point: 125 Guyeong 7-gil, Gunsan-si (Ywahwa-dong, Arirang rickshaw)

** Round-trip expressway tolls are borne by'Arirang Manpower'.

*** The standard rental time per day is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (8 hours). If the time is exceeded, it is 100,000 won per hour.

*VAT is not included on all costs above. (A tax invoice is issued)


4. Long-term rental and sale of museums

-Long-term rental is possible at the Modern History Museum or similar institution. Rentals are available from a minimum of two weeks to one year. If you need a lecture on a rickshaw during a long-term rental, you can do it in about an hour. (Lecture fee: ₩500,000)

-Cost ₩1,400,000/2 weeks (₩100,000/day)
-1 month ₩2,500,000 / 2 months ₩4,000,000 / 3 months ₩6,000,000 / 6 months ₩8,000,000 / 1 year ₩12,000,000
*Free delivery anywhere in the country for long-term rental. We provide a rickshaw inspection service once a month for more than 3 months.

-Sales: Separate consultation

5. Events, weddings, local festivals

1) If you are preparing for various events, we suggest a rickshaw boarding experience program. Various decorations can be added to suit the nature of the event , and billboards can be attached.

2) For weddings, the rickshaw can be decorated with flowers and used when entering the bride, when the bride and groom leave, or when shooting outdoor weddings. If you want a unique picture, use it.
Note) The rickshaw is tall and long (190cm) and length (2m40). The width is 1m.

If it is not on the first floor, check the size of the cargo elevator to see if it can accommodate a rickshaw. Because I have to be able to move from the site to the higher floors^^

3) Arirang rickshaw hopes to participate in various forms of local festivals.
We take commemorative photos with many people at the festival site and help you create pleasant memories by experiencing a rickshaw in a short distance
. For more information, please contact us (063-446-1054).

6. Gift of rickshaw boarding pass

Pick up a rickshaw on someone's anniversary. Have a rickshaw ride on your anniversary with your parents or Master. Create unforgettable memories with a rickshaw. Making wonderful memories! This is what Arirang rickshaws do.

7. Broadcasting, filming, CF


end. Broadcasting and filming are basically ₩300,000 won for the first two hours based on filming in Gunsan Time Travel Village. Every additional hour

It is ₩100,000 won. For shooting in other areas, please consult with us. (Rental + transportation cost)

-Applied to the case of broadcast shooting, etc. using the'Arirang Personnel' as a prop. When shooting in Gunsan, the above amount is applied. When moving to another area in Gunsan, the rental price of the Jeonbuk area is applied.

In other areas, rental fees apply.

I. CF shooting: ₩3,000,000 per day (excluding VAT). Up to 8 hours based on arrival time on site. If exceeded, the additional charge is ₩100,000/hour.

8. Operation of rickshaw classrooms (Jeonbuk area only-other areas are not easy due to schedule)

It is an experiential education for kindergarten and elementary school students to experience riding a rickshaw and to lecture on a rickshaw as a means of transportation, and to ride a rickshaw directly.

If you wish to run an experience class, you can proceed with a separately determined fee.

Reservations are required only on weekdays. It is a flat rate of 300,000 won. (Based on 1 unit, 2 hours of education and experience, all can be experienced if less than 30 people)


<Reservation Inquiry>

Please email us and we will reply by the next morning.

9. Notes

-The rickshaw must be returned as rented. If there is any damage, it will be charged separately. Any damaged parts must be imported from Japan. In this case, it takes quite a while, so you will have to pay for the loss of sales of the rickshaw for all periods until the parts arrive and install, and in the case of rental reservations, including compensation for damages to a third party. If an engineer from a Japanese manufacturer needs to travel to Korea, airfare (economy basis) and staying fee (200,000 won per day) will be added.

-Compensation for loss of daily sales: ₩100,000 units on weekdays, ₩200,000 units on weekends and holidays
-You must also pay VAT (10%), customs duty (8%), and transportation costs (air or cargo ship) according to customs clearance. (It usually takes 2 weeks, and 15% of the total cost is charged separately as an agency fee.)

10. How to confirm reservation

Confirmation of rickshaw rental is confirmed by sending a quote for the total rental fee, reviewing it, and depositing 50% of the down payment. The remaining 50% of the rental fee can be deposited by the day before the event. Based on the amount including VAT.

If the event is canceled due to natural disasters, please notify us by the day before the event and we will refund 10% of the total amount of the event. Cancellation on the day of the event is not possible.

Even for events longer than 2 days, 10% of the total event amount will be deducted as a penalty and the balance will be returned.