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Please go to Japan, ride a rickshaw, and make wonderful memories.


What is Ebisuya rickshaw?

Now, one of the most popular activities in sightseeing spots in Japan, Ebisuya, introduces you to unknown spots that cannot be seen by rickshaw, bus or taxi. A unique guide from a driver dressed in Japanese-style costumes will bring you to the fore. This is a must-have course in Japan where you can hear not only local colors, but also restaurants, souvenirs, culture, history... and various information that cannot be found in guidebooks.


Ebisuya ( Hie Su Bi屋)

When'Ebisu' is written in Chinese characters, Chinese characters such as 恵比寿 or 夷·戎·蛮·狄 are also pronounced the same.

Here, the meaning of 恵比寿 is one of the Seven Lucky Gods (Seven Lucky Gods), and as the guardian of the Sangga (Shangga), holding a fishing rod in his right hand and a sea bream in his left hand.

It does not seem to mean Chinese characters because it was hun-doked.

'夷' is read as'えびす' and it means 1. Ainu 2. Orangkae, barbarian 3. Rough person, (Kanto region) wicked warrior .

Among these, it can be translated as'Susa's house ' or'Rough man's house ', which is similar to the Japanese rickshaw's tight thighs and physical strength.

The Chinese character'屋' does not mean a general house, but rather means'a house (person) with that job' . Among Japanese restaurants, it is also added to the back, such as'sushi~' and'pork cutlet~'. If so, it is safe to say that it means'Musa's house'. In addition, there are also meanings of ‘pissor’ and ‘supplier’.

' (As I searched with the help of a dictionary because of my lack of Japanese proficiency, if you know the exact meaning, please let me know and I will revise it^^)

Ebisuya is a company that started running in Arashiyama, Kyoto with three rickshaws in 1992, and today, in 10 regions in Japan (Arashiyama, Kyoto, Kyoto

Businesses in Higashiyama, Hokkaido Otaru, Tokyo Asakusa, Kamakura, Kurashiki, Hiroshima Miyajima, Kyushu Kanmon (Moji Port), and Kyushu Yufuin)

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