Travel by rickshaw in Japan


The suspicion of rickshaws is Japan. It is said to have been developed by the Japanese in the late 1869s. Since then, it has spread to Korea and China, but the common point of these countries is that they used a kiln, and if this was replaced by a rickshaw, the kiln carried by at least two people could be pulled with only one person, and above all, the advantage of having less shaking would have been a big effect. see.

Speed is also a factor that cannot be ignored. In the case of a kiln, there is little shaking when several people hit the foot, but the person in the kiln cannot but feel a lot of shaking unless you are an experienced kilnman. On the other hand, a rickshaw can easily move forward even if the ground is uneven due to its large wheels, and even if it is a very large puddle, it can be easily crossed even if it is a large puddle, so it seems that it has been in the spotlight as a means of transportation that has a great advantage over a kiln.

In Korea, rickshaws that are advanced from those of the time are currently operating only in Gunsan, and in Japan, you can see rickshaws for each tourist destination nationwide. The reason why Japanese rickshaws are active nationwide is because there is a rickshaw company called Ebisuya.

Ride a rickshaw- no need to pre-book in Korea.

If you have seen rickshaws while traveling in Japan, it is correct to think that there are quite a few rickshaws operating nearby. A company called Ebisuya operates more than 200 rickshaws in 10 major tourist destinations in Japan, but a larger number of rickshaws (more than 500) are in operation. In addition to the rickshaws belonging to Ebisuya, there are many professional rickshaws who personally purchase and sell rickshaws.

If you can speak Japanese (you can use a translator), simply tell the destination you want and bargain for the time and cost. Without exception, rickshaw drivers have hourly, person, and distance fare tables. The fortress is available in a variety of languages, and Korean certainly has it. Even if I don't say it, I quickly recognize that rickshaws are Korean. There are many rickshaw drivers who speak simple Korean, and if you are lucky, you may meet someone who speaks Korean well.

While searching for travel in Japan on the Internet, you will see that you can pre-book a rickshaw ride, but don't do it if you can, and it's okay to do it when you want to ride in Japan. There are many reasons, but it is because there may be a change in schedule due to sudden circumstances, and in this case, you may not be able to ride the rickshaw booked in advance. We believe that a 100% refund of the reserved cost is not possible.​ It is better to enjoy a rickshaw on site when the weather is good and you have time. I made a reservation and wanted to ride a rickshaw, but if it rains, there aren't many that would be fun to ride a rickshaw. When you go to the site, there are many rickshaws. The price bargaining is also a fun element of the trip, so it is recommended to have fun bargaining.

Don't get me wrong if you only get cash

The rickshaw fee is cash only. I don't think there are any rickshaws who accept credit cards. There are many places in Japan that do not accept credit cards. While you can use credit cards without inconvenience in bustling metropolitan and large stores, there are many places that only accept cash in small towns and small stores, and rickshaws are no exception. Receipts are issued for rickshaw ride fare.