The Japanese-style house in Sinheung-dong, Gunsan (formerly Hirotsu House) was built by Geisabro Hirotsu, who ran a pomok store during the Japanese colonial period, and the area in Sinheung-dong, where this house was located, was a residential area for wealthy people living in Gunsan city during the Japanese colonial period.

This place is also famous as a filming location for many movies. The general's son and the Fighter of the Wind were filmed in this house, and on June 18, 2005, it was registered as Cultural Property No. 183.

The (old) Hirotsu House is a two-story wooden building, and the walls were finished with wooden scales and plaster walls on the core wall, and the roof was finished with a gable roof and a hapgak roof with tiles. This is how the roof furniture is woven by placing a square cornerstone behind the base covered with natural stone, and a slender square pillar on it. The roof of the entrance part is in the form of a gable roof and a multi-roof, with an awning covered with tin plate under the eaves, and the roof of the second floor is treated in a hapgak roof type, and the front roof is attached.

Free viewing.

Closed every Monday.

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After seeing Dongguksa Temple, cross the road and go straight, turn left at the first road, and keep going straight, you will see'Yeomirang'. If you continue to go up past Yeomirang, you will see'Yeoheungsanghoe' on the left, turn left and turn left. Japanese-style houses appear.

The Japanese-style house in Sinheung-dong is not only a Japanese-style house that can be seen entirely in Gunsan Time Travel Village, but it is also occasionally possible to view inside.

It is open from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm only on weekends until November 25, 2018. There are not many opportunities to see the inside. You can take a look inside this opportunity, so let's watch it positively.

Because the interior is small, many people cannot enter at the same time, and the cultural commentator looks at the inside and explains in detail, so you have to arrive before the opening time and wait.

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