As a tunnel that penetrates Haemangyeong, located at the northern end of Wolmyeongsan Mountain in Gunsan City, it was built to connect Haemang-dong, the center of seafood, and Gunsan downtown. This was done and Haemanggul was completed in this process.

During the Korean War, the command post of the People's Army located in Gunsan was located here, and bullet marks were left by allied and airborne machine gun bombings every day.

Currently, only pedestrians can pass by blocking the entry of cars.

On October 16, 1926, during the 3rd congratulatory airline period in Gunsan Port, it was constructed to connect the Myeongchitong (Jungang-ro 1-ga), the road in front of the old city hall, and Haemang-dong, the center of the fishery industry.

It is 131m long and 4.5m high.

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