What is a teddy bear?

The name Teddy Bear comes from Teddy, the nickname of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. When the president, who couldn't catch a single bear in hunting, was told to shoot a gun as if his aides had caught a cub alive and hunted it, anecdotes that refused to do so spread across the United States, and people made the Teddy Bear out of it.

The people who commercialized the Teddy Bear were Maurice Michum of the United States and Margaret Steif of Germany, and Speype has now become the world's leading plush toy maker.

Teddy Bear, the president of the United States Roosevelt and the Washington Post journalist and famous illustrator Clifford Berriman, conceived this as a business item, and wrote a letter directly to Roosevelt to give permission to the general store owner Morris Meechoum and 3,000 dogs from Germany at this time. It was born as a result of an accidental meeting of Steiff Corporation, who made a teddy bear doll and brought it to the United States.

Since then, leading Teddy Bear manufacturers such as the UK and Japan have been created, making Teddy Bear a toy loved by children and collectors around the world for more than 100 years.

What is the teddy bear museum?

The largest in Korea that provides interesting things to see and know by integrating various themes such as the history of Teddy Bear over 100 years, as well as the history of Seoul, 100 years of modern and contemporary human history, the history and present state of Seoul, art, and world travel, with Tedyy Bear. This is the theme museum brand of. In addition, it is a proud Korean company that has expanded to the world with the know-how of designing and manufacturing teddy bears for more than 20 years.

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