The name was changed to Yeomirang (formerly Goudang).

It is located in 20 Guyeong 5-gil [16-1, Wolmyeong-dong], Gunsan-si, and is a guest house newly built in Wolmyeong-dong in 2012 by Gunsan-si. It was built with the aim of restoring a Japanese-style house built in Wolmyeong-dong during the Japanese colonial rule to remind us of the pain of the times when the country was lost and sad. Yeomirang Guesthouse is located in Wolmyeong-dong and opened on October 29, 2012 as a private consignment, and it is now.

Currently, Yeomirang Guesthouse in Wolmyeong-dong has a total floor area of ​​2928 square meters and is a complex of 10 Japanese-style houses including accommodation facilities, cafeterias, pubs, restaurants, and specialty stores. The lodging facility consists of 21 tatami rooms in 5 buildings that harmonize with modern conveniences such as system air conditioning and heating facilities.

Mirang Yeo was also designated as Goodstay, an excellent lodging facility managed by the Korea Tourism Organization in July 2013. Goodstay is a unique brand established by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization to enhance the competitiveness of accommodation facilities, a representative tourism infrastructure, and to create a healthy accommodation culture. Gowoodang Guesthouse is attracting attention as a site of history, reminiscent of the pains of the Japanese colonial era and talks about future hopes along with exotic accommodation experiences.

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