Lee Seongdang, located on Jungang-ro, Gunsan, is the oldest existing bakery in Korea. The typical breads of this house are the sediment bread and vegetable bread, which are served several times each day at a fixed time, but they are so popular that there is a separate waiting line for the two breads. If there is a large number of people waiting, the number of breads that can be purchased per person is also limited. In addition to the famous bread, sandwiches made on the spot and milkshakes are also popular.

The building to the right of Lee Seongdang is the Lee Sangdang Cafe, and the first floor sells bread. They sell pre-packaged bread, so if you want to buy more than 10, it is convenient to buy it here.

If I could buy bread without waiting in line, I would buy even a lottery ticket^^

It is also the most searched place on the 2017 T-map.

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