It was created in the Korean Empire (1908/June 2nd of King Sunjong), and according to the sayings at the time, there is a theory that it was designed by French or Germans and imported red bricks and construction materials from Belgium. There were many annexed buildings, but now all of them have been demolished and only the main building remains, and it is currently being used as the Honam Customs Exhibition Hall as one of the three major Western classicist buildings existing in Korea.

It was created in June 1908 (2nd year of King Sunjong) during the 1st Gunsan Port Congratulatory Aviation Period (1905-1910), which started with the funds of the Korean Empire, which was declining in 1905. It is a Western-style single-story building with a floor space of about 69 pyeong. It is said that it was designed by French or German and imported red bricks and building materials from Belgium. The roof of the building is in the Gothic style, the windows are in Romanesque style, and the eaves of the entrance are pulled out of the British architecture style, which has the characteristics of modern Japanese architecture that fused European architecture styles as a whole.

Three Western Classical Architectures Existing in Korea
1) Old) Gunsan Customs Main Building 2) Bank of Korea Main Branch 3) Seoul Station

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