Rickshaws can go anywhere in the picture

This is a map of the surrounding area operated by the Arirang rickshaw. In Gunsan, this place is called'Time Travel Village'. Centering on the Modern History Museum,

You can see it on foot. If you walk diligently, it can take about an hour, but if you want to see it carefully, it takes all day. Museum only

It takes an hour to see. Arirang rickshaws are always waiting in Japanese-style houses in Sinheung-dong. Anywhere on the map, wherever you want to board

You can give me a call. It arrives like the wind.

​If you click the'Reserve' button, you will be connected to'Naver Reservation'. You can set the date and time you want.

Reservations can only be made on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and public holidays.

When you come to Gunsan and eat Lee Seongdang Bread, you will be full. Don't miss the cool breeze of the Geumgang River, and the reed fields in Sinseong-ri on the river are also wonderful. I don't know if this is the reason, but it seems that the Hansan ramie worn in summer is cool with the wind of the Geum River. Don't think that Gunsan, which has a lot of restaurants, only has champon. There are as many restaurants here as there are anywhere else. Of course, the Arirang rickshaw is only available in Gunsan. What a rickshaw does is to create wonderful memories that can't be helped either with food or with bread.

Experience course (10 minutes) ₩20,000/2 person (Credit card accepted, Samsung Pay, Kakao Pay OK! / Gunsan Love Gift Certificate)
(Circulation course)
Sinheung-dong Japanese-style house> Mirang Yeo (formerly Goudang> Teddy Bear Museum> Grassland Photo Gallery> Sinheung-dong Japanese-style house
(One way course)
Sinheung-dong Japanese-style house> Grassland photo studio ₩10,000/2 person
Sinheung-dong Japanese-style house> Dongguksa Temple or Haemanggul ₩25,000 /2 person
Sinheung-dong Japanese-style house> Modern History Museum or Gunsan Customs, or Jinpo Marine Theme Park entrance ₩30,000
Full Course (30 minutes) ₩40,000/2 persons

Japanese-style house in Sinheung-dong>>Chowon Photo Gallery>>Haemanggul Cave>> Japanese-style house in Sinheung-dong, Lee Seongdang or the entrance to the Museum of Modern History
* If there is no waiting time due to taking pictures on the way, the bus will run for only 20 minutes.

Arirang Course (1 hour) ₩80,000/2 person

Departure and arrival points can be selected as desired by the customer. You can see all of the above driving courses. The actual driving time of the rickshaw is 40 minutes, and the rest is waiting for you.

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