Welcome to Arirang rickshaw

The rickshaw is pulled by people.

Rickshaws that disappeared a long time ago
It is the best mode of transportation for the elderly or children who are uncomfortable walking.
You can feel a different pleasure from the time of boarding.
If you step on the platform and step on the rickshaw, the rickshaw is like a living horse.
Starting with a small swaying movement that is pressed and restored by the customer's weight.
The rickshaw starts to move
The rickshaw swaying ceaselessly until it first sits on the seat
It makes passengers anxious.
Even if you sit on the seat in the shaking
It becomes an uneasy posture where the body leans forward.
The unfamiliar and uncomfortable feeling culminates with the rickshaw man raising the rickshaw handle up.
The rickshaw seat that was placed in front is raised as if it is going to pass backwards
This is because the movement is so big that it seems to go backwards.
Put both feet on the footrest, lean on the back,
The correct way to board is to bury your back.
When you start, the unexpected feeling is conveyed to your whole body.
As the weight of the passengers on the big wheel moves back and forth little by little,
A subtle movement begins.
The unexpected ride feels like riding in the clouds.
The roof of the rickshaw blocks the hot sunlight,
It cannot cover the enviable gaze of others.
Excellent openness and comfort due to the high seat makes me smile.